Top 4 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Overall Health

Published Date : 12th April 2021

Communication has always been the key, if we listen right! Knowing our strengths and essentials brings us closer to ourselves, our progressive empowered selves. We must know what our body needs, and this duty doubles especially when it concerns our little trouble makers.


We want our little ones to have the best of all worlds and are always ready to celebrate their every little moment. There is no way we can compromise with their health and wellbeing. Our young ones need extra care in their growth years. No, we wonder we are always brooding over their right intake and right amount of supplements. The tender bodies of kids have to battle with a lot of enemies. They are vulnerable to many diseases. Cold weather and season change may cause them the flu, throat infections, stomach infections and so on. These barriers prompt a great challenge to nourish our kids with effective dietary supplements and the right amount of care.



But worry not! Here are a few tips to enhance immunity and growth for overall child's development:


Protein for defence


It’s always a hassle to negotiate between taste and health for our kids. Their bundle of tantrums brings a constant struggle to serve old boring things with taste. But protein here is a one stop solution for all fancy requirements of our kids. They can be found in eggs, cheese, milk, butter and fish, which with no second thoughts, is every child’s favourite. They are also found in cereals and legumes such as chickpeas, soybeans, and beans, etc. Proteins from animal sources contain satisfactory measures of all basic amino acids and are basic for immune cells.


Winning it with vitamins and minerals


Fruits and vegetables are a major source of vitamins and minerals. They contain abundant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our body contains approx. 70% of water. These seasonal fruits and vegetables are there to hydrate your body and quench its major necessity. They pump up the immune system of your young kids that enables them to give a tough fight to several bacteria, viruses and germs. The best fruits to include in the daily diet in the form of immune-boosters are guava, orange, papaya, and berries.



Malt health drinks


Liquids always come with a green flag for a healthy living. Staying hydrated is a great way to boost the immune system. Water contains components of hydrogen and oxygen which rejuvenates our pores and every inch. Barley Malt is the richest source of fibre. It takes good care of your children by lowering cholesterol and strengthening the immune system. As suggested by health experts and nutritionists, Maltwin is one of the best malt health drinks for children, Maltwin is made with 100% Naturally Malted Barley, making it easily digestible for kids,it also ensures growth and development by providing them with calcium, protein and amino acids.


Fiber’s a safe call!


Eat-right and eat-fit is the new motto for the worthful growth and immunity. Eating plenty of vitamins, minerals and proteins supports your body and pushes its limits. You also need enough carbohydrate and starch to stay energetic and active the whole day. Our body requires a balanced diet, and excess of anything will not add up to anything. You require a good amount of fibre, malt, curd, pulses, beans, grams and eatables like lean meats to stand strong. There are various supplements available in the market which are there to serve you a balanced diet.


How to pep up your children with these dietary nutrients that serve your healthy purposes for a long run?


  • Balancing is the key. Try to find a balance between freshly prepared foods and some healthy packaged foods. Parents must ensure that their children’s substantial meal is well prepared with ginger, garlic, and turmeric, including chapati or rice, a bowl of protein (pulses/eggs/lean chicken or fish), Barley malt and vegetables to maintain their health.


  • They must take antioxidant rich food and beverages which can be found in vitamin C. Regular intake of nuts, seeds and green verdant vegetables are some preventive Measures to stay hydrated all day.


  • School snacks or pre-playtime snacks can be a nutrition bar (read food labels - avoid any products that contain more sugar). Packaged fruits, smoothies or yogurt will fulfil the immune boosting needs of your child.



  • A small bunch of blended nuts can generally be the least demanding and the best bite to pack.


A dependable immune system


The immune system makes our body strong and capable of fighting diseases. A healthy immune system enables everybody to protect themselves from invisible germs and microorganisms. In most cases, our immune system keeps us healthy, gives a fight to diseases and prevents infection. Our immune system secures the body against irresistible germs and other destructive microorganisms. Consequently, immunity-boosting foods and drinks are important not only for kids but every one of us.


Maltwin contains high protein and 24 Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Active Immune-Nutrients like Copper, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E & Folic Acid that helps building immunity, supports and helps in growth and development of children.



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