Support Your Child’s Immunity With The Right Nutrition

Published Date : 29th January 2022



Seeing your toddler growing into a kid who is full of energy, confidence and going through their development stage must be an amazing experience. But there are some factors that affect a kid's growth such as insufficient diet, environmental pollution. Their ability to fight infections sometimes get tested by germs, infections, pollution which also plays an essential role in weakening their immune system.

Since COVID-19 came into existence, it has alarmed the need to boost their kids immune system, so that their growth won’t get hampered. When things are mostly on the side of uncertainty this is the time when your child needs the most care and a proper diet given with love and care, the right nutrition to support their immunity.

Understanding The Role of Immunity

Immunity is the capability of a human body to resist harmful microorganisms that cause infections like viruses, bacteria, or other disease-causing agents. They are termed as antigens. These antigens enter the body and are initially blocked by the protective layers of the skin and mucosa. If a child has a strong immunity their body will be able to overcome these antigens.

How Does The Human Body Fight These Antigens?

The human body has immune cells called T-cells and B-cells. When antigens enter in the human body these cells present in the bloodstream produce antibodies and enzymes create a resistance to fight these antigens. But, a regular attack of these antigens on our body weakens these T-cells and B-cells. This is where good nutrition is important.


 What Role Does A Good Nutrition Play In Building Immunity?

 Good nutrition is fundamental to immunity. A high nutrition diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals are essential to support the immune system. Specific nutrients to support the Immune-Response are proteins, vitamin C & D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, iron and folic acid 

The Right Nutrition For Immunity

A child needs proper nutrition during their developing stage. In today's fast-paced world it is important for parents to be mindful of their child's nutrition requirements, build a strong immune system, and maximise growth is important. Be mindful of choosing a health drink that supports a balanced diet. Maltwin is a malt-based health drink made with an ideal combination of higher proteins, higher vitamins and lower sugar to support the daily nutrition requirements of the human body in the fast paced world. Available in delicious chocolate bourbon flavour.


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