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Seven Easy Detectable Symptoms of Protein Deficiency in Kids

Published Date : 11th April 2021

We see ourselves every day in the mirror, but how many times do we really encounter ourselves? The struggle to keep up with our tedious schedule is real. From pressure of delivering desired expectations in office to meeting the bars of our ever changing social life, we cross some pretty prolific hurdles. The question here arises amidst all this chaos how many times we pause to introspect what we actually lack? Do you talk with your body? Do you understand what it demands? The deficient account of our body is clearly giving us the signs. And so are these for children’s bodies.


Before answering this question, let us have a look on Why is protein important to our body?


Your kid's body needs a sufficient and healthy protein load to function at its best. Protein simply treats our body with a decent dose of energy, helps our body to heal, and keeps our digestion intact. Essentially, this nutrient is made up of long-chain amino acids called muscle building blocks, that strengthens the body with the performing vitals. While protein may be an important nutrient for the body, there are high chances that your kids might be suffering from protein deficiency.


What is Protein Deficiency?


When your protein Intake can't meet your body's necessities, it results in protein deficiencies. These protein gaps can cause several medical problems. Such as, it can prompt unobtrusive changes in your body over the long run. Protein deficiency can cause malnutrition, such as Kwashiorkor and Marasmus. The most critical form of protein deficiency is known as kwashiorkor, which can also be a life-threatening health condition. Protein acts as a silent guard of your body and building blocks of your muscles, skin, enzymes, hormones and tissues.


If you find your kid’s body is protein deficient, here are the few signs and symptoms that may indicate the same


  1. Marks on skin, hair, and nail


Break the shackles of marks and unmark your body with the right protein intake. If your kid’s skin is too flaky and dull, with signs of deficiency on nails and hairs as well, then they might be suffering from protein deficiency. There are chances that you can see redness, brittle nails, thin hair and pale skin. All these are considered to be protein deficiency symptoms.


  1. Edema signs


Protein plays a vital role in keeping excess fluids from accumulating in the tissues as the blood goes through the body. Research has shown that when protein levels are insufficient, fluid builds up in the tissue. It is generally notable in hands, feet, ankles, and cheeks.


  1. Slow growth in children


The budding age of our little mischievous ones inhibits proper physical development. Protein not only helps in building bones and muscles but is also essential for the overall development of the body. To ensure proper development of the body, it is important to load children on enough healthy protein. Thus, deficiency or insufficiency is particularly harmful to children whose growing body requires a steady supply.


  1. Muscle loss


True that an active flexible body keeps your little ones going all day without strains and suffers. The secret of their hyper healthy body is nothing but the actual muscle power. The muscles are mostly made up of protein and if the body is deficient in protein, they start losing muscle. In fact, muscle loss is one of the first symptoms of insufficient protein intake. Right protein is definitely binding your muscles and tissues well.


  1. Increased bone fractures


Protein helps to maintain bone strength and density. Not consuming enough protein-rich items can weaken your bones and increase your risk of fractures.


  1. Eating disorder and high calorie intake


Adequate protein intake can keep you satisfied for a long time and prevents craving, and hunger pains. However, low protein intake does the opposite. It will cause you hunger within short intervals resulting in an increased calorie intake.


  1. Fatty liver


Another common and dreadful symptom of protein deficiency is the accumulation of fat in fatty liver or liver cells.


Protein deficiency in children


Believe it or not, one in seven school-aged children in India do not take enough protein daily. This number doesn't surprise when you learn that 30 percent of their total daily calories come from low-nutrient snacks, desserts and candy. If your child is not getting enough protein, it can cause more serious side effects on the road.


As a matter of fact, this essential macronutrient is so important for children that it affects every single part of the body. Protein gives significant amino acids that add to your kid's psychological and actual wellbeing. Without enough protein in their eating regimen, your youngsters may encounter the symptoms of: ,


  • Exhaustion
  • Lack of focus
  • Slow growth
  • Low invulnerability,


As early signs.


So how can you ensure that your kid is getting enough protein?



Know about the basic protein sources and then look for easy and tasty ways to provide protein for children throughout the day. Such as some fun, protein-inspired snacks.


If you are older or physically active, your daily protein requirement exceeds the current RDA (0.8 grams per kilogram) of 0.4 grams per pound of body weight. Senior citizens can benefit by increasing the amount of protein to 20 grams per day to maintain 10 lean body mass and maintain body functions.


Whether you are a young adult, 40+ man/woman or senior citizen, a great way to increase your protein intake is to choose protein-rich drinks such as Maltwin health drinks. It provides all the essential amino acids and gives you the protein needed for your body. Maltwin protein drink provides good quality protein per serving when consumed with buffalo/cow whole milk, important to support muscle protein synthesis. Maltwin is a nutritious drink that is consumed as a healthy and varied diet.





Protein is essential for all cells and body tissues and body function can be impaired when in short supply. Do not overlook if you are confronting any such symptoms, deficiency of protein is curable with the proper intake. Adding protein to your diet is simple and can be achieved by incorporating a wide variety of foods from plant or animal sources. The most extravagant sources of protein are fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, health drinks, and vegetables. So win the battle of protein deficiency in a healthy way with supplements like MaltWin. 



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