Growth and Development Tips for a School-aged Child

Published Date : 10th October 2018

It’s ecstatic to see your child exploring little baskets of amusements in their growth years. As they grow, they change! And no wonder that this development is for a good. They are able to comprehend and contemplate things better. Because of this, childhood years are important for growth and development in all aspects of a child's life. Whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, you can see their progress with every little development they have achieved. All these areas of progress are interlinked and depend on each other for the overall development of your child.


How can you as a parent support your child's growth and development? Parents, you can support their progress in the following ways:


While sleep patterns may vary for different ages, make sure your child is getting an average of 10–12 hours of sleep each night. Macronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and micronutrients (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) are substances that are essential for the proper functioning of a kid's body. A balanced diet that is a healthy mixture of both will help your child reach their full potential and will encourage your child to get more active.


We understand that upbringing can be difficult. Here are some basic and effective tips to encourage your child's growth and development overall.


Proper sleep is important for your child, make sure they get that! Focus on nutritious and a healthy environment to ensure the continuous and holistic development of your child. But do you realize that healthy sleep is a significant factor for the general development and advancement of your child?


Healthy sleep has a direct effect on a child's overall development. Children who do not get enough sleep are prone to mood disorders, attention issues, and obesity. More importantly, adequate sleep has many benefits for toddlers.


Some of them are:


  • Helps restore energy
  • Helps to make brain connections and enhance learning ability
  • Helps to increase immunity


How are sleep and development related?


A healthy sleeping cycle makes your child able to concentrate better and keep him energized the whole day. Therefore, make sure that your child is getting enough sleep for his proper growth and development. Also give your kid a malt based health-drink or food that can help his sleeping cycle better.


Self-feeding: an essential milestone in your child's growth and development


Self-feed learning is important for your growing child to ensure a healthy growth process. If you can see your baby trying to self-feed by holding it with a spoon and swallowing food by himself, then it may be the time for you to encourage him to eat.


✓ Self-feeding can provide your child with a sense of control. Once your child starts feeding himself or herself, he will begin to understand his taste preferences, and how much and what he likes to eat.


✓ He will also start making signs of his inner body to understand whether he is hungry or full.


✓ Learning to self-feed will make him independent and confident about his eating habits.


✓ However, your child's training would be incomplete without your support and encouragement.


Below are some healthy eating habits that will help your child eat independently:


Encourage your child to hold their own spoons and utensils whenever he tries.


It is time for your child to find out his or her taste preferences. So let it be on the dining table. Ignore the mess, allow him/her to play with food and allow him to feed his own food.


While swallowing food, your child may choke slightly. Do not panic in such situations. Simply, gently pat him/her on the back and cut it slowly. However, you should avoid foods that may choke.


Let your child drink milk from a glass himself. If he does not like to drink plain milk, then a fortified Malt milk drink can be a good option as it not only enhances the taste of milk but also gives it double strength.


Cognitive development is important.


Cognitive development is an important aspect of a child's development and growth. It is important for thoughtful processing, problem-solving, and decision making. It affects factors such as attention, memory, and thinking.


Communication: Social participation and problem-solving help in cognitive development. How do you communicate with your child? Are you busy? Are you actively listening? Make "we-time" with them, and make sure it's only you and your children. Avoid any disturbances during "we-time", taking phone calls or watching TV. Choose a variety of sports activities that promote your child's problem solving and decision-making skills.


Nutrition and experiential learning: how do you express love? As your child's brain is developing specific experiences, it affects specific brain connections during the main stages - called sensitive periods. Take your child to places like the library or park and help him learn by looking at the environment around him.


Providing correct nutrition: During early years, poor nutrition leads to dull energy and less interest in learning. This will negatively affect cognitive development. Give your child a balanced diet to ensure its proper development. Make sure your child has an eating routine that includes important proteins, nutrients and minerals along with milk and healthy drinks. Maltwin is a malt based health drink that supports and strengthens the child's immune system and in light of the fact that it tastes great, you can make it part of your day without any problems. This is a smart and healthy step towards the development of your child.


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