Getting the Basics of Good Nutrition

Published Date : 29th January 2022



A Good Nutrition

A good nutritious balanced diet reflects on the human body. We feel better mentally, physically and emotionally. It improves concentration, moods, etc.
On the other side, a poor diet can cause lethargy, fatigue, lack of concentration, and irritating behaviour. Though it is not a rigid concept but multi- faceted. The key would be finding consistency in oneas daily routine.

How To Achieve It?

In this fast paced world taking care of your child's nutrition might be a daily task. As a parent, being mindful of your child's daily needs are normal and essential. Daily meeting the nutrition requirement can be tough sometimes as there are so many superfoods available in the market, choosing which are the best and maintaining consistency is a tough job.

The majority of our daily nutrition is derived from vegetables and fruits. When making your dinner plate, you fill half of the plate with veggies, and the more colourful, the better! But that's not the same with kids. They often look for something sweet and tasty. Obviously, how would they know what's the best pick for them? There are daily nutrition requirements such as proteins, vitamin C & D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc, iron and folic acid.
Good nutrition can improve your child's immunity and growth at every stage of their development. Choosing a healthy drink that supports your child's nutrition is very important.

Maltwin is a malt-based health drink made with an ideal combination of higher proteins, higher vitamins and lower sugar to support the daily nutrition requirements of the human body in the fast paced world.
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